4 Styles Embellished Sandals for Universals

For a summer of light activities in Europe, the Original Universals were great. Students can have sandals that were comfy but could also be worn with a casual skirt, and in the university for lab work without looking like they was in their ’field clothes,’ but also for some moderate hikes on the weekends. The past two years embellished sandals is more and more popular with … Continue reading 4 Styles Embellished Sandals for Universals


Dark Color Heels & Taupe Colored Heels for Cloudy Day

For cloudy day, I was torn between wearing black or taupe colored heels, because that day is very cold to easy on matching my palette dark color outfit’s, what about you? Would you plan to wear your favorite taupe colored heels at cloudy day? The next I make a feedback of wearing to dark color series heels by the Shoespie brand Report. Do you choose … Continue reading Dark Color Heels & Taupe Colored Heels for Cloudy Day


How to Wear Kitten Heels on Summer?

Kitten heels are looking frumpy or juvenile, but this season they’re actually a hot trend. Here’s exactly how to wear them, which some are trendy for the runway? The kitten heel seems to be the happy medium of hot weather footwear. For example, Kendall Jenner was photographed sporting a slingback mini-heel with a pair of ankle-cropped jeans, while Gigi Hadid stepped out in tiny-heeled mules … Continue reading How to Wear Kitten Heels on Summer?


Desire Dress Sandals For Happy Wedding

Every girl wants a pair of sexy petite shoes for their romantic and sweet time, especially a important day of her life: wedding day for her. Every girl also want to get a desire shoes for her wedding. Here we serve you the sexy petite dress sandals in Shoespie.com, with a high quality and trendy design the items are. This year the fashion lovers would like to wear in the white and black color, which can … Continue reading Desire Dress Sandals For Happy Wedding


Get the Hottest Heels For 2018 Spring

Women love shoes! As long as we are talking about shoes, let’s mention heels in particular. No woman hates heels. Shoes are also the most accessible way into the new season trends. Not many of us can afford the big brand shoes or outfits, but we might be able to invest in a pair of specialized brands sandals or platform heels for the hipster niche. … Continue reading Get the Hottest Heels For 2018 Spring


What Shoes to Wear on Valentine’s Day Date

What girls wears on a Valentine’s day date is just as important as where the date takes place. In the most extreme cases, your shoes could mean the difference between a long night of candlelit dinner and a goodnight kiss on the cheek. Yes, what you wear on every date is important, but on Valentine’s day we think you should give your personal style choices … Continue reading What Shoes to Wear on Valentine’s Day Date


What do You Think About Duck Boots?

Duck boots are a must in snowy weather. This all look so chic and warm and anti-skidding, melding utility with opulence, feminine infused with masculine, long live the tradition of Duck Boots. But somebody don’t like them, consider them is very ugly. Therefore we must agree they are practical and cute with the right outwear in the winter. You can found it comical seeing the … Continue reading What do You Think About Duck Boots?


2017 Sexy Stylish Patent Leather Boots

The trends are taking place by turn in the annually. The shoes are also that changing its fortune, next season sexy patent leather boots are ushering its life show. This year patent leather boots have taken place many latest style stylish patent leather boots in major media and site and runways. Now 2017 winter you should update the winter shoes in your cabinet. Shoespie is going … Continue reading 2017 Sexy Stylish Patent Leather Boots


The origin of Go Go Boots

Boots are an essential part of our wardrobe and our life, but they didn’t take off as a fashion look until the 1960s & 70s. Have you noticed boots switch that has taken place over the course of the last couple of years? Not so long ago, the idea of wearing sock boots or booties with skirts and dresses was far from modern mainstream style. … Continue reading The origin of Go Go Boots


Shoespie Online Shopping Month

October will be a busy month. It’s both an autumn harvest and a online shopping season. This month is Shoespie shopping season, there are a large amount of shoes for discount and sales in this months. Shoespie intend to introduce some new types autumn and winter shoes including heels, boots, athletic shoes, to feedback new and old costumers. And make the alternate actions for Halloween sales(begin … Continue reading Shoespie Online Shopping Month