2018 Trends Slip-on Sneakers for Men

This post writes for men. Because we think men need to know information about dress up. If you’ve found the perfect 2018 summer outfits. Now, you need the right sandals/shoes to help you match up with your look. But don’t push all of those thick shoes into the back of your closet just yet. You’ll need a combination of white slip-on shoes and sneakers in … Continue reading 2018 Trends Slip-on Sneakers for Men


Espadrille Wedge Sandals are 2018 Summer Essential Shoes

If each pair of shoes has its mission,whole body shape of espadrille wedge sandals is the most essential dress piece. Look at the simple espadrilles lifelike decorated with your feet, and even fashion has become “lively” to set off. Put one pair of espadrille wedge sandals match with cute dress in your drawer, it is the best way to live up to this summer. If you want one, you can click on shoespie. Here … Continue reading Espadrille Wedge Sandals are 2018 Summer Essential Shoes


4 Styles Embellished Sandals for Universals

For a summer of light activities in Europe, the Original Universals were great. Students can have sandals that were comfy but could also be worn with a casual skirt, and in the university for lab work without looking like they was in their ’field clothes,’ but also for some moderate hikes on the weekends. The past two years embellished sandals is more and more popular with … Continue reading 4 Styles Embellished Sandals for Universals


Shop 2018 Trendy PVC Sandals

These PVC sandles are fun, super comfy and beauty, are so easy to match up with any outfit. PVC sandals also called it transparent sandals or clearly sandals. I recommend them in the post because they are not only quite inexpensive but also they are fashion and trendy. On the other hand everybody can see clearly your shape foot when you wear them. It is … Continue reading Shop 2018 Trendy PVC Sandals


Dream Pairs Women’s Platform Wedge Sandals

Maybe you are looking to add a modern update to your footwear? Here we’re breaking down the best sandals for women on Shoespie. It launched some platform wedge sandals that looked similar but were well fashion. They fit perfectly and were super soft and comfortable. The footbed of shoes is like a micro-rubber: super soft and cushiony. I love the soft, stretchy ankle straps, they … Continue reading Dream Pairs Women’s Platform Wedge Sandals


Buy the Right Sneaker Shoes for You

Never underestimate the power of a classic shoes. Dressed up or down, these easy-to-wear styles are staples and comfortable every shoe rack needs. I owned my fair share of classical sneakers throughout summer and winter. From sneaker shoes, sleek styles to a cropped comfortable version, the shoes silhouette was a staple for days and day-to-night dressing. Do you want need new sneaker shoes? Walking into your … Continue reading Buy the Right Sneaker Shoes for You


Dark Color Heels & Taupe Colored Heels for Cloudy Day

For cloudy day, I was torn between wearing black or taupe colored heels, because that day is very cold to easy on matching my palette dark color outfit’s, what about you? Would you plan to wear your favorite taupe colored heels at cloudy day? The next I make a feedback of wearing to dark color series heels by the Shoespie brand Report. Do you choose … Continue reading Dark Color Heels & Taupe Colored Heels for Cloudy Day


How to Wear Kitten Heels on Summer?

Kitten heels are looking frumpy or juvenile, but this season they’re actually a hot trend. Here’s exactly how to wear them, which some are trendy for the runway? The kitten heel seems to be the happy medium of hot weather footwear. For example, Kendall Jenner was photographed sporting a slingback mini-heel with a pair of ankle-cropped jeans, while Gigi Hadid stepped out in tiny-heeled mules … Continue reading How to Wear Kitten Heels on Summer?


2018 Women’s Sneakers Trends

Did you spent a lot of time thinking ahead and working out what everyone will be wear in 2018 spring? The problem is plaguing most people for seeking fashion inspiration of out-street look. Breakthrough the year, it seems only fitting to predict the trends for one of the biggest items around right now: sneakers. As they’re now a staple for everyone’s wardrobes, we are more … Continue reading 2018 Women’s Sneakers Trends


Desire Dress Sandals For Happy Wedding

Every girl wants a pair of sexy petite shoes for their romantic and sweet time, especially a important day of her life: wedding day for her. Every girl also want to get a desire shoes for her wedding. Here we serve you the sexy petite dress sandals in Shoespie.com, with a high quality and trendy design the items are. This year the fashion lovers would like to wear in the white and black color, which can … Continue reading Desire Dress Sandals For Happy Wedding